PEER GYNT, Henrik Ibsen

Directed by: Peter Batakliev
Théâtre Décalage / Usine C

"Mayer Brings the proper focus and the easy bonhomie needed to put wind in Ibsen's poetry so the piece can sail along on stage."

Matt Radz, The Gazette

"Standout performances by Charles Mayer and Gilles Plouffe are worth the price of admission alone. "

Jason Whiting, Hour

"A Greyish Peer is portrayed with more refinement and sensuality by Charles Mayer"

Ève Dumas, La Presse

Directed by: John Strasberg
Theatre of North America / Theatre in the Heart of the Forest

"Moreover, some actors are remarkable. Noting the presence
of Charles Mayer both Duke of Athens and King of the Fairies."

Anne-Marie Cloutier, special collaboration, La Presse

A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY, Ivan Tourgueniev
Directed by Bernard Murat
Théâtre Edouard VII

"Isabelle Huppert is surrounded by three men who love her: Francois Marthouret, Michel Beaune, and the young and handsome Charles Mayer, seductive in spite of himself, full of reserve and finesse."

José Barthomeuf, Le Parisien

"The cast - and particularly Francis Marthouret, Claude Evrard,
Charles Mayer and Laura Manszki - is excellent. "

Philippe Tesson, L’Express Paris

"Charles Mayer has the candor without the silliness, youth without
platitude ... "

Pierre Marcabru, Le Figaro

"... Quite right, moving, as is Charles Mayer, Belyaev, by whom the drama is established, still childish, wordless: Turgenev does not want him to express himself; a challenge for the actor because it is necessary that the audience understands everything before the confession ... and Mayer does that really well."

Armelle Héliot, Le Quotidien de Paris

CELLULOïD, Fanny Joly.
Directed by: Yves Pignot
Comédie de Paris

"As for Charles Mayer, he is perfect in the dual role of Louis and François-Robert ... anyone would believe that the characters were played by two different actors."

Patrick Sabatier, Télé 7 jours

HOSANNA, Michel Tremblay
Director: Laurence February
Maisons des Arts de Créteil / French Tour

"Mayer is excellent. "

Michel Cournot, Le Monde

"Instead of shocking, the play touches the deepest part of us, because it is directed and played in a very pure way. Michel Ouimet and Charles Mayer are incredibly authentic. "

Gilles Costaz, Le matin de Paris

"Hosanna (Michel Ouimet) and Cuirette (Charles Mayer) both have a way (an art) to tear themselves, of reopening old secret wounds that immediately freezes the smile and gives us a sense of the violence of the aim of Michel Tremblay ... A few moments of solitude await us along the scenes ...

Patrick De Rosbo, Le Quotidien de Paris

"With two excellent actors, Michel Ouimet and Charles Mayer, it is possible to enjoy Hosanna in its original version."

Jean-Jacques Samary, Libération

"Coarse words, made more cruel by the sad hiss of the language and, especially by the flawless playing of two actors: Michel Ouimet and Charles Mayer. "

B.S. L’événement du jeudi

"The talent of the author, of two very sincere and direct actors, Michel Ouimet and Charles Mayer, the direction finally, everything combines to convince. "

Paul Chambrillon, La presse française

"We especially remember the acting performance of Michel Ouimet and Charles Mayer."

Fabienne Pascaud, Télérama

"Charles Mayer and Michel Ouimet managed the tour de force of never being grotesque, but always touching, shocking, better, terribly human."

Jean-Marie Sourgens, Journal de Lille

"Charles Mayer and Michel Ouimet managed the tour de force of never being grotesque, but always touching, shocking, better, terribly human."

G.C. Le Figaro-Lyon

"The Compagnie Laurence Février presents Hosanna by Michel Tremblay with two actors who accomplish a performance: Michel Ouimet and Charles Mayer."

P.G. Le journal de Lyon

"It took two solid actors to find, beyond the caricature, the humanity of these two characters. From the unanimous accounts from the press, Laurence Février appears to have found with Michel Ouimet (Hosanna) and Charles Mayer (Cuirette) the ideal interpreters."

Pascal Musy

Director: Jacques Bachelier
Théâtre du Petit Montparnasse / Bouffes Parisiens

"A very pretty play, and remarkably played by six young actors: Valerie Delbore, Annic The Goff, Pauline Macia, Gérard Darier, Charles Mayer and Roland Oberlin. It's always funny, fascinating with theatrical skill, never heavy. A great success in perspective. "

G.D, Le Nouvel Observateur

"They are six, Valerie Delbore Pauline Macia, Annic Le Goff, Gérard Darier, Charles Mayer and Roland Oberlin, composing silhouettes, like children playing. It is beautifully directed, without weakness."

Pierre Marcabru, Le Figaro

"They are six and play like sixty. A performance that the actors of the Dining Room assume perfectly. "

Viviane Rebeix, France-soir

"Happiness is to see these actors: Annic Le Goff, Gérard Darier, Charles Mayer, Roland Oberlin, Pauline Macia and Valerie Delbore acting like Frégoli, kids and elderlies, without any make-up or any wig, just with stroke of malice and sensitivity. "

Gilles Costaz, Le Matin de Paris

"Gérard Darier, Charles Mayer, Roland Oberlin, Valerie Delbore, Annic Le Goff and Pauline Macia are all excellent at all ages, with all languages, under all the disguises of their successive parts. "

Dominique Jamet, Le Quotidien de Paris

"Gérard Darier and Roland Oberlin, Annic Le Goff and Charles Mayer, Pauline Macia and Valerie Delbore know how to be alternately moving, funny, melancholic, light, humorous, sentimental, cruel and tragic."

Nicole Bloch, Pariscope

"There is never more than six actors on stage and they perform different characters throughout the play... This is a tour de force for the cast and director. "

Jacques Baradel, Familialement vôtre