Born in Montreal, he moved to Paris as a teenager with parents and siblings.

At the end of his college studies, not having the slightest idea as to what he wanted to do, he enrolled in Law at the Faculty of Nanterre, where he realized from the get go that he was never going to be happy in that field.

He accidentally fell into theatre when he created the part of Mafioso Francky Bello in the musical The Return of Jimmy Booby with La Nuit Orsland', a very amateur theatre company from the Paris suburbs. His passion for acting will not dissipate and therefore he enrolled in Le Cours Florent and studied with François Florent Yves Lemoign', Patrick Simon, Patrick Bonnel and Raymond Acquaviva, then at L’Entrée Des Artistes with Yves Pignot Diane Niederman, Julie Ravix, Antoine Skaeplink and Françoise Kanel.

He has performed lead roles over 500 times in plays by Shakespeare, Molière, Marivaux, Labiche, Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, David Mamet, Turgenev, Arthur Schnitzler, Michel Tremblay. Furthermore, he has to his credit over 150 days of shooting in lead roles on film and television. He has worked in English and French in Canada, France, United States, England and Australia.

Paralleled to his acting career, he has established the John Strasberg Professional Workshop at the Théâtre Prospero in Montreal and created with Nicole-Sylvie Lagarde and Ricky Tremblay the Theatre of North America (TNA) where he was the Artistic Director. In 2003 the TNA presented A Strange Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Amphitheatre in the Heart of the Forest, directed by John Strasberg and with the actors of the Professional Workshop.

He regularly teaches and coaches in English and in French since 2004.

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