La salle à manger

by A. R. Gurney
Directed by : Jacques Bachelier. Théâtre du Petit-Montparnasse – Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens
With Valérie Delbore, Gérard Darier, Anick Le Goff, Charles Mayer, Pauline Macia, Roland Oberlin

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“A very pretty play, and remarkably played by six young actors: Valerie Delbore, Annic The Goff, Pauline Macia, Gérard Darier, Charles Mayer and Roland Oberlin. It’s always funny, fascinating with theatrical skill, never heavy. A great success in perspective.”

Le Nouvel Observateur

“Gérard Darier, Charles Mayer, Roland Oberlin, Valerie Delbore, Annic Le Goff and Pauline Macia are all excellent at all ages, with all languages, under all the disguises of their successive parts.”

Dominique Jamet
Le Quotidien de Paris

“They are six, Valerie Delbore Pauline Macia, Annic Le Goff, Gérard Darier, Charles Mayer and Roland Oberlin, composing silhouettes, like children playing. It is beautifully directed, without weakness.”

Pierre Marcabru
Le Figaro

“Gérard Darier and Roland Oberlin, Annic Le Goff and Charles Mayer, Pauline Macia and Valerie Delbore know how to be alternately moving, funny, melancholic, light, humorous, sentimental, cruel and tragic.”

Nicole Bloch

“They are six and play like sixty. A performance that the actors of the Dining Room assume perfectly.”

Viviane Rebeix

“There is never more than six actors on stage and they perform different characters throughout the play… This is a tour de force for the cast and director.”

Jacques Baradel
Familialement vôtre

“Happiness is to see these actors: Annic Le Goff, Gérard Darier, Charles Mayer, Roland Oberlin, Pauline Macia and Valerie Delbore acting like Frégoli, kids and elderlies, without any make-up or any wig, just with stroke of malice and sensitivity.”

Gilles Costaz
Le Matin de Paris

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