Les Bas-fonds

by Maxime Gorki
Directed by : René Migliaccio. Compagnie de La lettre 5
With Louise Boisvert, Jean-Charles Fonti, Catherine Brunet, Charles Mayer, Stéphanie Ribeyreix, Robert Reynaert, Jay Jay Simon

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“No timeout. The characters are all prisoners of their own misery, incapable of thinking of a way out or to move from words to deeds. The Baron, the service cynic, played by Charles Mayer, piques our interest. La Compagnie de La Lettre 5 succeeds in completing this new production with a pertinent and captivating adaptation that allows us to appreciate the work of the actors and of the director on the deep impulses of the characters of the Lower Depths, the emotions-memories that will be imprinted in the memory of the body.”

Daphné Bathalon

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