Un mois à la campagne

by Ivan Tourgueniev
Directed by : Bernard Murat. Théâtre Édouard VII
With Isabelle Huppert, François Marthouret, Claude Évrard, Michel Beaune, Charles Mayer, Laura Mansczky, Jacqueline Dufranne, David Gabison

Molière for best private theatre play (French Theatre Awards) – Nomination

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“Isabelle Huppert is surrounded by three men who love her: Francois Marthouret, Michel Beaune, and the young and handsome Charles Mayer, seductive in spite of himself, full of reserve and finesse.”

José Barthomeuf
Le Parisien

“Charles Mayer has the candor without the silliness, youth without platitude.”

Pierre Marcabru
Le Figaro

“The cast – and particularly Francis Marthouret, Claude Evrard, Charles Mayer and Laura Manszki – is excellent.”

Philippe Tesson
L’Express Paris

“… Quite right, moving, as is Charles Mayer, Belyaev, by whom the drama is established, still childish, wordless: Turgenev does not want him to express himself; a challenge for the actor because it is necessary that the audience understands everything before the confession … and Mayer does that really well.”

Armelle Héliot
Le Quotidien de Paris

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