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The participants are teamed up and work on characters from movie scenes, television series, theatre plays, and original material.

Charles Mayer adapts to everyone, allowing them to develop a personal, true and unique interpretation.

The goal is to create the character by imagining it as a human being living his life, which leads the actor to feel unforgettable moments of freedom and creative joy.

Charles intervenes directly whilst the participants are working live; bringing commentaries and dialogue with them, therefore establishing a real complicity and collaboration. Teaching is therefore individual and personalized.

The best thing that can happen to an actor is to be completely taken by his role; He then begins to live the life of his character, without thinking about what he is doing, guided by his intuition and his subconscious, and everything happens automatically..

Konstantin Stanislavski, in An Actor prepares


Videos testimonials

  • Michou St-Jean – Participant
  • Corine Corriveau – Participant
  • Myriame Charles – Participant
  • Thomas Courcoul – Participant
  • Sara Demers – Participant
  • Stéphane Castellon – Participant
  • Émilie Miskdjian – Participant

Written testimonials

“Charles is a wonderful actor himself, and so it is rare and extremely generous – that such a talent also shares his art through teaching – so that you as a student are learning from a true artist which is the best way. A friend told me an old Italian Proverb – which says, if you want to be a great artist, polish the shoes of an artist you admire.”

Cheryl E. Grant
Actor, producer, director

“Charles Mayer is the best teacher in contemporary acting that I’ve ever had.”

Normand Desloges
BA – Dramatic Arts, UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)

“Once again thank you; these past 6 weeks were, for me, an exceptional experience!”

Émilie Morin

“Charles was the best acting teacher I ever had, and GOD knows I`ve had a few. He’s authentic, hard working, passionate, dedicated, all while remaining very down to Earth. He trusted me when I doubted myself. He led me to believe in myself and surpass myself. He showed me to uncover all the hidden treasures buried deep inside of me and use them while acting. He helps us create true and magical moments, for us and for the spectators all while respecting our limits. Thank you for everything. You are one of the main reasons why I’ve continued to believe and to go on further by pushing my limits with much more confidence.”

Corine Corriveau

“The workshops I did with Charles Mayer were life-changing! He taught me how to open myself to the full range of emotions by staying in the present moment. His patience, talent and deep care for his students make every workshop a rich, creative process and a transformative experience. I would recommend Charles for anyone who wants to achieve a truthful and real performance.”

Fanny Richards

“Charles, not only taught me with truth and simplicity to play real, but also to push the limits and have faith in my intuition, while being more relaxed when acting. His passion for playing and his gentle approach to directing create a motivating learning environment, one that I hadn’t yet experience until meeting Charles. Within 2 sessions, I’ve learned more with him then I did in 2 years of theatre school. I have to say that I love my career even more because of him. Thank you Charles!”

Sara Demers

“Your workshop is amazing. You are such a sensitive and attentive teacher that I’m able to see, through your teachings, how the world truly works. I see words come to life; perfect strangers becoming partners, brothers, sisters, lovers, very best friends; it’s truly beautiful! You’ve given me the love of acting, to bring my dreams and projects to life. Thank you; continue to inspire people as you are truly changing their lives.”

Roxanne Poliquin

“In four hours of workshop, Charles summed up almost everything I learned in five years of theatre. I completely changed my acting through the method of “realistic acting” that he teaches us in a fair, genuine and human way.”

Brigitte Laniel
Artistic Director of theatre company

“Charles was my first acting teacher. He was the first to bring me to the images of what I had envisioned theatre to be like and it’s those exact images that I want to keep along my journey within this extraordinary field. There is no need to overplay or to impress. You only need to feel and live true emotions, the way we know them to be, without falsities, but with its ups and downs. The truth, that’s what gives the acting its intensity and technique. Thank you Charles for being such a fantastic coach!”

Andrée-Ann Hélie

“The Charles Mayer Workshops are about learning to be real within fiction, to have confidence, learning about yourselves and use our imagination. It’s also about developing good work habits to better our portrayal of the character. Charles Mayer is the one that gave me the acting bug! He guides me in all simplicity but never without giving your best. He’s an outstanding teacher!”

Nathalie Berndsen

“At last, a true educationalist for actors. Charles possesses the art to make the actor discover the truths that lay within him. For an actor really conscientious to keep in shape, regular visits to Charles’ workshop are a must. Hope to see you there!”

Annie Fecteau
Bachelière en art dramatique

“Thank you Charles Mayer for teaching me spontaneity and realistic acting. Because of you and the work we’ve done together, I’m now able to audition in a calm state of being, while being in the present moment and completely real in any given situation, as you teach it…And filming a movie and perfectly succeed in doing a scene: Thank you Charles! You’ve given me such confidence”

Stéphane Castellon
Actor and Drama Teacher

“Find a good acting partner and follow Charles’ workshop. To discover a character, accompanied by Charles requires a very serious and constant work but at the end, very fruitful; A journey within while remaining authentic and full of humanity.”

Kym Brennan

“If you wish to fully embody your character and bring it to life to its full potential, then subscribe to the Charles Mayer Workshop. With easy and sensibility, Charles will help you develop your actors’ reflexes and take ownership of your character. You will be able to reach within and create certain elements which will help you evolve with your interpretation. Furthermore, it’s a whole lot of fun!”

Émilie Miskdjian

“I don’t remember when I started my first workshop with Charles as it’s been so long, or how many I’ve attended; and I will keep on going! Charles is a formidable coach.”

Monique Mo Larose

“Charles Mayer is an excellent coach. Always attentive, he teaches us to FEEL. Nothing escapes him and his workshops are a great pleasure. I’m always positively anticipating the next session. See you soon Charles.”

Guy Blanchard

“What I appreciate the most in his class is the latitude that he allows to the process without worrying about the final result. As a matter of fact, we truly feel that we are rehearsing and not performing to the audience during the workshop. His style and teaching method bring us to “perform” in a way that we surpass our own expectations. What I also appreciate very much is that there are no “recipes” in his class, there is not one good way to do it, and he is really very generous when he guides us to find ours. And the work climate is always fun, and we feel that he takes time with each one of us. Truly enriching and stimulating for everyone involved…”

France Dandurand

“I found again, with Charles, that specific way of thinking and absorbing the acting which works for me and in which I love to evolve: acting real. Charles – Thank you for being such a great coach and above all, for your respect of actors.”

France Fortin

“Charles Mayer, I love and recommend. You can use my name as a reference; it will be my pleasure as you’ve been the only teacher that guided me intelligently and as I had perceived it.”

Claudette Blackburn

“The Charles Mayer workshops are extremely helpful at any level of your acting career. You learn to utilise your imagination and creativity to interpret human beings, not characters. Charles is very insightful and guides us with respect, firmness and a lot of heart. He pushes us to explore different things and to live intensively the emotions and push the limits. Try it out, you won’t want to stop.”

Claudia Cercel

“Pleasently surprised! This was a new approach for me. I’ve learned to discover my character throughout time and to work on its complexity all whilst staying free…”

Hélène Gallant-Roberge

“Finally, a class in which we are not obligated to play or recreate the teachers’ emotions. Instead, we are brought to discover the real reaction of the present moment… and further learn to work with that honesty. What better way to act real then to react in an the most honest way…”

Patrick Delisle

“Charles Mayer is an intelligent teacher with a gentleness and a patience next to none. The actor feels this well-being and it is then that he rediscovers and accepts his soul in its pure state, it is at that moment and only at that moment, that he can finally really make his imagination work.”

Fabrice Milich

“In Montreal, for me, the best way to contact and discover the creative work of the actor.
I recommend”

Thomas Courcoul

“To all my friends who dream of becoming actors or try to dabble in it, this is it! I’ve done it – semi private sessions with my friend and great actor/professor, Charles Mayer. I’ve discovered some hidden aspects of myself. Go and have fun with Charles and let your soul be guided.”

Guy Hamelin

“In Charles Mayer’s presence, I’ve realised that acting « real » goes way beyond anything I had imagined over the years. I was able to dig inwards to find deep and grand emotions and learn to master my art; the art of acting.”

Michou St-Jean

“Charles Mayer did an excellent job and it’s in his workshop I had the most fun to act.”

Josée Fugère

“I would say it is essential for an actor to meet a teacher like Charles Mayer. He will help you find in you the way for your character to reach a disarming reality. I recommend his workshop to both self-taught and recognized school graduates.”

Stéphane Brodeur

“Charles has made me want to go further in this form of acting.”

Patricia Dorval

“Participating in the Charles Mayer Workshop confirmed that the scene which inhabited me really existed; and that this protective prince could make me do anything he wanted as my trust in him was unparalleled. This trust blossomed into a true and lasting friendship. Charles is encouraging, down to Earth, efficient and able to listen and direct in way that is targeted and unique to each student. Thank you Charles for all the unforgettable moments!”

Isabelle Mathieu

“Charles is an excellent teacher. ‘’Acting Real’’ is a truly useful method; very interesting and reassuring as an artist.”

Esther Hardy

“Everything you need to improve in acting. Strongly recommended.”

Patrice Mathieu