Cher Frangin

Full-length film directed by Gérard Mordillat. Les Productions Bleu Blanc Rouge – Lamy Films
With Luc Thuillier, Julie Jézéquiel, Philippe Caroit, Yan Epstein, Charles Mayer

MWFF – Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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1959. War of Algeria. Alain, a young typographer, is incorporated in a section that sets out to control a Kabyle village on the Algerian-Tunisian border. Their task is to take photographs of the entire population in order to produce French pieces of I.D.. Alain sympathizes with the photographer, Coudrier, who is also a young teacher. Noting that there are no men in the village, the patrol decides to return by night and is annihilated. Alain, who has deserted, is gathered and cared for by Tunisian peasants; he sends his younger brother the photos taken by Coudrier.


“Denunciation of the daily horror, Cher Frangin is a real left-wing film. Courageous. Lucid.”

Louis Skorecki

“With this unsung French movie from 1988, Mordillat signs a sincere work on this open wound that is the War of Algeria! He has merit! And it’s all to his credit.”

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