Peer Gynt

by Henrik Ibsen
Directed by : Peter Batakliev. Théâtre Décalage – Usine C
With Gilles Pelletier, Françoise Graton, Charles Mayer, Alexandre Morais, Isabelle Guérard, Alexandre Bisping, Maria Kefirova, Sacha Samar

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“Mayer brings the proper focus and the easy bonhomie needed to put wind in Ibsen’s poetry so the piece can sail along on stage.”

Matt Radz
The Gazette

“Standout performances by Charles Mayer and Gilles Plouffe are worth the price of admission alone.”

Jason Whiting

“A Greyish Peer is portrayed with more refinement and sensuality by Charles Mayer.”

Ève Dumas
La Presse

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